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Big mouth Billy Bones singing fish

Be prepared to be astounded with the newest sensation from across the pond Big Mouth Billy Bass!

Big mouth Billy Bones singing fish

Stuffed with talent Billy Bass will burst into song as he detects an audience, turning his head and flapping his tail in time to the beat. Sounds `fishy’ but we’re not `codding’ he actually sings!

Specifications: sings 'Don't worry be Happy' & 'Take me to the river' Motion sensor or push button activated, 35cm long, 23cm high, 10cm deep, requires 4 C Batteries.

Reviews: He looks like an actual, big-mouth bass mounted like a trophy — but, thanks to a motion sensor, springs into song when someone walks by. Music starts, his tail taps, his mouth flaps. When he gets to the chorus, his head, which has been lying flat on the board, suddenly swivels to face his audience. Now that's funny!!

Big mouth billy bones